Poem: Arena of Flight

By: Anthony J. Langford


Large house
Small space kept regularly
Remove sleeping
As percent time
In one apartment sized
Tripping over faces
Foot in mouth
Six people
Laughing, yelling
Driving each other crazy
One inch at a time
As though on purpose
And yet none
Step outside and ask why.

Same applies to this city
(your city)
Limited area
Frustrated with foreign figurines
In their space
They decry sustenance
Over sense
Or sanity
Yet here they remain
Skittles in the crowded alley
Knocked over and over
Or too inept
To make a run for it.


Anthony J. Langford lives in Sydney, writes novels, stories, poetry and creates video poems. He is a 2014 Pushcart Prize Nominee. Recent publications include Five Poetry Magazine, Forge Journal and The Glass Coin. He works in television and has made short films, some screening internationally. A novella, Bottomless River (2012) and a poetry collection, Caged without Walls (2013) are out through Ginninderra Press.

Much of his work at www.anthonyjlangford.com

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