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Poem: The man who sat at the table

By: Saleh Sharif

man at the table

He sat at the table
He ate what was given
He greeted all who passed, and the ones sitting at the table
What appeared was a man, like all who lived
Wore a watch and a tie like the filthy rich
Carried a cane made of wood, and the head engraved with metal
Walked like a soldier who had never seen the field of battle
Neither smoke, not drank
Neither married, nor loved
But had a dog who too sat at the table
This was a man who once walked the earth
Whose name isn’t known like the dog he followed
Maybe blind for none have seen him admire
Maybe mute for none have seen him complain
Maybe happy for none have seen him happy
When the sun sat and he was asked to leave
He took what was left and left what he had indeed
His watch with no hands, his tie with patches
Under a decrepit bridge a week later, was his body was claimed
With his dog and cane
He who once sat at the table



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