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By: Adreyo Sen


If Life were a 1 train,
travelling through many islands of unhappiness,
you’d get down at every station of despair to spread light,
in your silent way.

At five, you were already so grave,
you made me laugh through my tears.
My fiercest guardian angel,
you faced my husband down
till he forgot he was mad at me
and swept you into his arms.

You didn’t know dishonesty.
You saw the world
in shades of black and white.
You were perplexed by those
who slipped into other shades.

You learnt early not to judge.
You laughed only at yourself.

You were lonely at school.
You did not let me see your loneliness.
Your teachers loved your brilliance.
You hid your brilliance from me,
fearing the immense pride
I felt for my child.

At eighteen, you were steady and grave.
You smiled but rarely,
but when you did,
you captured hearts
and I knew your husband
would love you more than Life itself.

You want to be a policewoman,
you want to be a soldier,
but I know whatever you become
you’ll continue to face the world
with the strength in your quiet shoulders
and the heart in your grey eyes
and that you’ll walk your lonely path steadfast,
picking up those who fall behind.

You’ll make this sad, lonely world a lovely place.

And wherever you are,
in your hour of sorrow,
in your moments of quiet peace,
with a baby of your own in your lap,
another playing by your feet,
know this:
I love you.
I will always love you.


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