Literary Yard

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By: Kousik Adhikari


When I stopped at the turn, the path was heavy
With the flowers, dropped after the sudden downpour of April rain
Like a girl, loaded with an embryo, looked desperate and shy.
Looking at the horizon, I found the cliffs eating each other
And not seen. The clouds swollen with milk for baby earth,
Feel embittered after it sinks vacant and dry.
Men come and go like the ants, they stranded.
I know after the heavy summer they will rise again like phoenix
From the broken ashes, from streets, forests, houses, windows, beds-
They will survive this weary ghost world
And walk to the moon with the embryos on their back
And cover the world with their moon-shadows
Till after some April rain, we shall see their lighted faces
Like sad diamonds dropping on earth one after another.
And the moon is still soaring high.
And still the moon will be soaring high!


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