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By: Shilpa Jayshankar


For all that they said, the entire life will be spent there,
Snuggling in the corner
For all that they gave, a silent treatment,
For that they shot with those hurtful words
For that they demeaned, abhorring the presence,
Treating like a wraith,
For all that they abandoned to be solitary,
For all that they felt, it is de-realised;
And the condition will last forever
For all that agony they caused,
It still is beholden to them,
After all, they got the butterfly out of the caterpillar!
And it is out to show them that it can still survive!
They had enslaved it like a cocoon
And, it transformed with new wings!
Wings! It can now fly with!
To see the new world and the old them!
It perceived the new world that awaited its arrival!
And it apprises them that it is not here by fluke!
For that its interim was not easy though!
It ate its tummy with only those sufferings they gave it;
With that, it lived long indeed!
To evince that it is what it is!
And also; it neither gave up, nor did it care!


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