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‘Numinous’ by Leila A. Fortier with a touch of Sufism

copy2A new collection of poems published by Saint Julian Press, ‘Numinous’  composed by Leila A. Fortier which is said to invoke the spirit of the first female saint of Sufism – Rabi’a al-Basri. It claims to arise from the deepest memories of humankind and a communion with the spirit. The release further underlines that the poems are an invocation of that spirit.

“Leila Fortier is not just a woman. She is the living embodiment of love, and her Numinous is what happens when love exhales: shimmering, luminous poetry and art. Following the ecstatic tradition of the divine, mystic poet, Fortier offers an encompassing interplay of seeming opposites—pages overflow with emptiness, words emanate musical silence, and we are led deeper and deeper into the lucidity of dream. Here is a collection that illustrates, page after page, what we need to remember every day, that one simple truth: All is sacred,” comments Melissa Studdard, author of ‘I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast’

“Leila Fortier’s Numinous is a sizzler, full of visionary beauty. With elegantly crafted language, her poems are ‘Quietly burning.’ She invites her readers to enter a world lit with passion… ‘breathing your silent kiss / Where my eternity / Reigns.’ Her poems are informed by a timelessness where, “Words have become silence and the spaces have / Become our words” – inviting readers to remember the source of oceans, sun, snow leopards, rain, all living things, and the whisperings of the soul. Leila’s poems remind us to wake up and feel the beauty of the world, “Stars spilled across the / Oil of the night.” Her poems are written in the voice of the Sacred Feminine, sacred as the womb, a prayer, “Where our only /Separation / Istime / Itself.” This is a book to treasure over the years,” claims Diane Frank, author of ‘Yoga of the Impossible’ as stated in the press note.


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