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Poem: humanity and devils

By: Linda M. Crate

humanity and devils

every time i want to give up
on humanity
deem them all devils
there’s always one random act of
kindness that warms my
and i am forced to realize
there is still some goodness in this
world and it’s worth
fighting for;
miracles do happen and there are
still some compassionate souls
among the indifferent
and cruel
that circumvent my thoughts from
spiralling into pure depression and mayhem
for them i thank because sometimes
i feel like i’m the only dreamer in a world of
people with veils and gauzes
painted over their glazed eyes
zombies without a thought of their own
in their heads merely repeating
what was said to them,
but i don’t believe everything i hear
because while some men are humanity others
are devils and there are some things
i must discover myself.



  1. I like your poem. Many times I am tempted to wonder at the degree of wickedness I see in the world. Then I am comforted that while there are wicked people, there are also many loving and kind people. Good, in the final analyses, is more than evil in the world. We must enjoy the little good we come across while working for more good things and good people in the world.

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