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By: Linda M Crate


i fancied you an angel
but i was wrong
your halo
is broken and your wings
are black,
the song on your lips
is the blue lipped death you
wish upon all your
and i was no exception
except i told myself years ago i’d
be no one’s victim
so i broke through the ice
of your indifference
burned through your memory
with my summer’s wings
for i am a raven: summerborn
slumbering in the rays of sun star
and you told me you were a wolf,
but wolves are loyal
you were but a dishonest fox
trying to tear away my pretty little
red heart so that you could
have a momument
in your garden of dead roses—
you exchanged lust for love
mistook them for
the same thing,
that it was my heart you broke
because you no longer have a heart
just a hole where it used to


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