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By: Ed Krizek


My mother believed
that after she died
her spirit would live on
forever with those of her lost
loved ones. She would watch
over me and my sister
and hear the words we muttered
to her presence in empty rooms.

I say, I do not believe,
but am superstitious enough
to keep the bible I was given
at my confirmation. It lies
unopened under a pile
of favorite books—
gifts from old friends.

Fantastic explosion
unlike anything we can
comprehend. We know
what happened
just nanoseconds past
the beginning.
But what was there before?

Sweet streams offer churning life.
Abundant trees, in which crawling,
and flying things live
because of energy released
eons ago. Divine connection
results. Impossible
life fights on.


Ed Krizek was born in New York City and now runs a sales and marketing business inSwarthmore, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. He holds a BA and MS from University ofPennsylvania, and an MBA and MPH from Columbia University. He has published over sixty articles, poems and short stories in various publications, and won prizes in several poetry and short story competitions. His short story collection “Afterlife and Other Stories” and his novel “Colors of the Mind” are available on as well as other online outlets. His chapbook of poetry “What Lies Ahead” is available from Flutter Press. You can see more of his work at


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