Poem: pandora’s box

pandora's box

a rabbit hearted girl i was
before you broke me
i rose from my ashes a battle raven
ready for war,
and i will not smile kindly upon your
countenance should we meet
i will dismiss you without a word
just as you did me
hiding like a coward behind your email
but i will not hide in cowardice
i will burn you with the stars in my eyes if you
press me for words—
i cannot choose what stays and what goes
but i will not be the hymnal of your praises
anymore and i will not be your song
i was never your dream
yet i have no problem being your nightmare;
all i ever wanted when it was over
was an apology for the wreck you left me in
but you refused—
unapologetic for all the harm you caused me
so i will not apologize for lighting your name in the
flames of hell fire of dancing praise
when all your dreams fall through the cracks
of the sidewalks and when all your
flowers die,
and though i will not laugh at your dismay
i’ll give a little smirk that karma achieved her end and you
finally got the legacy you deserve for tearing
love and hearts apart;
your jar of hearts will be no more
i am pandora’s box
you should have never opened me but now that you have
chaos will chase you in every corner you dance.

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