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By: Sam Rapth


Sam Searched for that address.
11, Hope Street, Dunwoody.
He stood at the end of the street. There were not many, except a couple of people in that street, at that time.
He had to search a bit for the lonely house. But finally when he reached it, he found, the door was open.
He entered, found no body. He locked the door behind and looked around. Faint light that passed through the window, seemed to have illuminated the room, to an extent, one can at least recognize things in the room.
The fan on the roof was on. Television was dead. The music system was off. A wooden rack next to the television had number of dolls of dogs and cats, wall papers, photo stand, few books, some posts, paper flowers, a digital clock and so on.
Silence was not in his welcome list. He wanted to shout, ‘Anyone out there!’ but didn’t.
He then took a couple of steps forward. He heard footsteps. He stopped.
Through the hanging drape, she came out like an angel. She wore a skirt and a top. The thin pendant that adorned her neck was visible even in that faint light. Her bust was big and wide. Her hairs shined in that dim light.
She jolted a bit, on looking at him and salvagedherselfinstantly.
In no time, he made out the trajectory of her eyes on the latch of the door.
She stood still.
He came near to her. She moved no muscle. He patted her cheeks gently. She closed her eyes. He ran his fingers from her cheeks down to her neck. She didn’t open her eyes. His fingers continued to move further down and halted on her left breast, on the top.
Her eyes were closed. Her breathing became heavy.
His fingers now, clasped the buttons of her top and undid them. He saw her deep cleavage.
She opened her eyes and saw him.
‘Let’s go to bed’ she said.
He kept his hand on her breast and pushed her into the room. The curtain draped behind.
After about 30 minutes, he stood from bed.
She was still on the bed, looked tired. When he was putting his clothes on, her body jerked once. Soon after, blood spurted out from her reddish lips. After that, there was no movement from her. She looked dead.
He was shocked. He looked around and saw a table next to the bed. There was a mug with something inside.
He felt scared. He turned around and walked back to the door. He opened the latch, came out of the house and walked to the end of the street.
He took out that piece of paper, from this shirt pocket that had the address written on it.
11, Hope Street, Dunwoody.
Only this time, he found that, the paper was folded at its left most edge. He unfolded it. The address was flawless this time.
91, Hope Street, Dunwoody.


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