Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Natana Vasuki


I swim across the blue sky
Along with grey old clouds
To meet with the fiery red sun
That smiles majestically with its rays
I sing along with the silvery moon
That stays single all night
I travel to the distant stars
Who hide under the daylight
I go wing in wing with the bald eagles
Those hover in search of prey
I drink the first drop of rain
Released from the little fleecy clouds
I’ll stop by the lush green fields
Laden with yellow corns
I hear birds chirping and squirrels nibbling
I land on the cliff of a giant mountain
Facing the storm of time
I glide over the blue green oceans
Like an albatross, free from anxiety
Now, I am a princess on this
Never ending regal journey
Which no one could ever imagine
Where destination transcends eternity!


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