Poem: The Moon in a November Field

By: Jibanananda Das
Translated by: Kousik Adhikari


Passion surges in my heart,
Those clouds like the mountains
When brings you with them
In midnight or in last night’s sky-
Whom that one dead world leaves tonight;
Torn white clouds have departed in fear
All departed, like a panicked boy
The stars in the sky become burnt
Then you come, the moon sits by the field’s head;
The things that happened one day, gone now,
Lost and finished, today you came with its taste
Once again, you came and stand here!
Weeds are cut in the fields around the world,
After long works of cultivation
The farmer has gone away
Their stories of soil finish after the end of all their stories of field.
Much remains even then-
You know. Does this world know that today?


Author: Jibanananda Das (1899-1954), the most acclaimed Bengali poet of post-Rabindranath era. The present poem is taken from Jibanananda Daser Shrestha Kabita. The original name of the present poem is Kartik Mather Chand.


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