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By: Linda M Crate


i don’t understand the purport
of shaking up my
little world,
and throwing me into an alien
because as pleasurable as it was
it means nothing now;
you manipulated
my emotions and shook up my
i am not the girl trapped in
a snow globe
won’t stand for being tossed
around so carlessly as
that white snow,
and take it
smiling like the girl that
thoughtlessly smiles for being thought
i am an all or nothing
sort of girl,
and since you can’t stand by your word
there’s nothing i’ll give you—
all my life i’ve
known people
like you
always willing to give a little
so later they can
guilt me
into giving more than my poor
little heart can stand
as they
overstay their wecome,
and i’ve always been a giver;
but now i’ll guard my
heart beetter
because people like you
always take for granted my
you don’t realize i have
a temper,
i’ll become the celtic
screeching every war you never
knew i could
into existence
because aren’t meant to be
used but
i thought you could be a
new chapter in my life
a beautiful experience,
but you’re just a
of broken halo light;
the pleasantry that
fooled little red into trusting a
but i am a vampire
with centuries of wisdom
and rage
every shore you pirates try
to take until nothing
is left in
their wake except broken
wood and bodies
bereft of blood;
usually i smile kindness like
persephone’s flowers,
but you have awoken my
centuries old rage.


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