Poem: dragon slayer

By: Linda M Crate


the rain falls
brings me peace
i couldn’t
find in the sunshine of
your golden locks
or in the blue skies of your
because everything in you was
an illusion
you were the prince in the woods
and i was cinderella
you were charming but you never loved
me the way i did you,
and i could not
remain with someone untrue;
you were not the angel you pretended to be
but a fallen one whose broken
halo could not emit
enough light
for the summer that broke loose in me;
i forgot i wasn’t looking for a hero
that i had always been the
hero with sword in her hand and wind at her back
i wasn’t looking for a prince—
all my life i’ve been looking for a king
for i am a queen
that would always spare him from certain death
a girl needs rescuing,
but women slay their own damn dragons.


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