Poem: The Congregation of Great Probabilities

By: Pijush Kanti Deb

The congregation of great probabilities-
as these are so defined and witnessed
wandering always
around something good,
comprising of some heart-soothing goodness
as these are already estimated and perceived-
under or over,
can build their nests in empty pockets
on the hint of
an unknown diplomatic finger
for achieving a mysterious but benevolent purpose
resulting in
the arrival of all sorts of scarcities
to arrest their hands and feet,
an unabated feeling of guilt
for doing nothing good
in accordance with their mouthful names
hopefully kept as
kindness, generosity, benevolence and others
enriching only the verbal dictionary
and a frequent and long sigh of repentance
looking at their vast but useless hearts
and barren hands with nail-less fingers.
————————————–May God Bless


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