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Time of Exile by Gaither Stewart launched

time-to-exileTime of Exile‘ is the concluding volume of the Europe Trilogy by Gaither Steward – a person and a versatile author whom I know through his writings published in Literary Yard. In the trilogy, Gaither has scripted a political story which continues from the previous two novels – The Trojan Spy and Lily Pad Roll. Most of Gaither’s stories which I’ve read and published feature Europe in the backdrop. He’s dexterous in building images through words and vividly painting human psyche through situations and a sequence of events.

Synopsis of the story as I found on

The first two parts present a live canvas depicting major political events on the continent of Europe reaching back to the Cold War and extending to current events and tensions affecting Europe today.  In The Trojan Spy, the Russian double agent, Anatoly Nikitin, run by spymasters of both East and West, organizes his own spy ring with the goal of uncovering the deadliest of the spy rings, the organizers of terrorism. As both participant and observer of the events, an aspiring young journalist, Karl Heinz, comes to understand the world of ideology and espionage and becomes a major link between all three novels. Lily Pad Roll shows the development of America’s network of military bases throughout the world, especially those encircling its arch enemy Russia. In military jargon, a lily pad means a kind of outpost or staging area, in fact a new kind of military base, scaled down from the major bases one finds in Germany and Italy. As they move across Europe from Munich to Belgrade, Istanbul, Odessa and Moscow, a new character emerges, Elmer Redway-a prefigurement of Edward Snowden-demonstrating once again how fiction can sometimes precede real events. Redway, hacker genius and whistleblower, deserts from the US military in East Europe and provides top secret information to the world media. 

Elmer thus becomes the exile, hunted by western intelligence services and living a life under false identities. He is protected by an underground rat line as he continues to expose the true nature of world events. This is his story.

It is really interesting and is thus recommended. I would like to wish Gaither ‘All the very Best!”

More information about Gaither and his writing is available at


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