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Language termed ‘nonsense’ in Gulliver’s Travels may be Hebrew

jonathanswiftAll of us until today believed that the language spoken by the Lilliputians and other creatures from Jonathan Swift’s 1726 child fiction Gulliver’s Travels is ‘nonsense. But it might not be so. It can in fact be a language spoken in the real world. And that language is none other than but a variation of Hebrew.

Well, this is a new theory which recently emerged and making rounds. To put the theory was put forth by Irving N Rothman who is a professor of English Literature and Jewish studies at the University of Houston. This study was published in the summer edition of Swift Studies, reports The Jerusalem Post. The study claims that there are a number of clues that the language mentioned in the book could have been a type of Hebrew. He also brings in the picture Swift’s roots to justify his research. Even the alphabet in the land of giants consists of 22 letters, which is similar to the alphabet in Hebrew.

Whether true or not, Gulliver’s Travels is a masterpiece work that has given us goosebumps as children. Even today, it is close to our hearts. We always wish of a fantasy land somewhere in the world, unknown to everybody.


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