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Aarushi: India’s biggest murder mystery documented in a book

aarushiIndia witnessed a cold blooded murder seven years ago of a teenage girl, Aarushi Talwar. Till date, there is no clue as to who murdered the girl. While the court has put the parents into the convict box, it continues to be a subject of discussion. Now this story takes form of a book that tells the journalistic side of the story by Avirook Sen. Aarushi was found murdered in her bedroom in Noida, a middle-class suburb of Delhi. The body of the prime suspect—the family servant, Hemraj—was discovered a day later on the roof of the building. Nobody knows who committed the double murders, and why? The investigating agencies are still clueless on the murders and are saying different things. Within weeks, Aarushi’s parents, the Talwars, were accused; four years later, they went on trial and were convicted.

But did they do it?

Avirook Sen, the author of the book, attended the trial, accessed important documents and interviewed all the players—from Aarushi’s friends to Hemraj’s old boss, from the investigators to the forensic scientists—to write a meticulous and chilling book. that reads like a thriller but also tells a story that is horrifyingly true. Aarushi is the definitive account of a sensational crime, and the investigation and trial that followed. The story seems like an unending web that will never solve.


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