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Tell Me a Story by Ravinder Singh

ravinder_singhFinally Ravinder Singh seems to spend time on quality writing and offering his readers true experience in his latest book – Tell Me a Story. The author has come to collect the best moments in the form of a book. This is second such from him. To understand the idea behind the book, it is important to go through the brief synopsis:

There is always a story that changed your life…
And that is the time when life happened for you!
Tell Me a Story is collection of heartwarming stories about events and incidents that have affected or changed the lives of the writers in ways that they cannot forget. Happy or sad, inspiring or shocking, these are stories of moments that have left an indelible mark on their lives. Stories, that they would love to share.

Selected and edited by Ravinder Singh, Tell Me a Story is a collection of moments that are believed to make life worth living. It is the second such anthology, after the Love Stories that Touched My Heart. Ravinder Singh has focused on the book readers who love to read the light-hearted stories and books. However, it would be advisable to write some serious stories. This will help him graduate to the next level.



  1. This is a book about different incident of different people .They are stories which are inspiring, funny, sad, touching and heartfelt this is a book you would get interested as you read it further and the setting of the stories is India so you would even get to get closer and would be more attentive about the incident happened it India.i would prefer adults to read it more then kids .

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