Poem: A Lonely Body

By: Pijush Kanti Deb

The softness of heart feels pity
on its young but lonely body
witnessing its bed-tumbling
round and round in its deep slumber
saying to its mirror
‘’ It needs a partner with anti- tumbling device’’
and obtaining too
the comment of a poet living in it
‘’ Wow! What a sweet longing for salty sweating’’
but both start stammering
looking at its trembling pocket
with shrinking purse
and beating hard their stony fates
on the rocky wall
causing the waking up of the body smiling
projecting a happy flash back
of the passionate love of its dream-girl
who comes daily in its dream
to make it enchanted
to its cause of bed-tumbling
and unmindful
to its compelled miseries and loneliness
and alive too without the sweet nectar of reality.

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