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By: Pijush Kanti Deb

A sudden slip of my dancing heart
pushed me once down into a deep ditch-
maybe, dug deliberately by a witch,
making it rich in stinky mud and bones
along with a crying skinny youth-
and made really my flesh creep
witnessing the awful witch
approaching to me floating in the polluted air
leaving her long devilish hair open
to suck the mud.
She welcomed me to her hell
embracing and kissing me again and again
on my lips
and I was bewitched at once
on my cheek
and I was sleepy slowly
on my throat
but I was disturbed by a painful bite
and a shout of the crying youth too
‘’Be careful my friend! She is a blood-sucker’’
and I got promptly myself back
with a rough and tough masculinity
to shout in anger,
‘’So what? I am a Dracula too’’
showing my canines to the blood-sucking witch
and brought the clapping climax about soon
when tat got its tit
and I got myself back to the stage to dance again
but collocating my heart with a pair of new shoes.


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