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By: Susan Speranza


I wish I could fly back, back through time
And, cell by cell, unmake myself.
Before my father’s eye held hers in a lifelong promise,
Before that smile graced my mother’s lips.
Before the kiss and their embrace laid the path
That wound through the dark wood of her heart,
paving its sad way to me.

Was it so important that I danced in the moonlight,
Smelled the scent of a frosted morning,
Basked in the blushing sunset,
Clutched a loving hand?
Would I have really missed the torrent of waves lashing upon the shore,
Winter’s first snowfall or summer’s torrid breeze?
The laughter of those I once cherished?

For here, near the end, when the light has ceased
And clouds shroud both my days and nights,
When waves no longer beat upon a peaceful shore,
When all hearts have betrayed, all hands have recoiled,
And all that I have loved is gone
I wish I could fly back, back through time
And unmake myself –
so this moment of grief would never be.


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