LiteraryYard among top 100 literary blogs on the Planet

Hello, Readers –

I have a great news to share with our readers: has been ranked among the top 100 literary blogs on the planet by . This is indeed a surprise as well as a reward for the hardwork and dedication which our contributors and readers have shown over a period of time. This recognition will further ignite me and the partners (contributors, readers and tech platform providers) to take this e-mag to the next level.


When I received this news through a tweet from Feedspot yesterday, I was in a state of confusion and did not trust it in the first place. I rubbed my eyes and checked on the url (given above) to confirm. It was true. I’m happier than ever. It has come at a time when my faith was shaking. Now I can understand that the diligence is not going in vain and creating an impact behind the scenes.

Many thanks to the Feedspot team.




Onkar Sharma

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