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By: Jeo Jenny


Momma, what is Mercy?
Cha-cha, mercy is something beyond vengeance and ego
It can catch wounded hearts and nurses it
Travels across the walls of ego
Knows no harm even to the harmful
The best example is “Love your enemies”
Mercy and love are conjoined twins.
One should not hold back their hatred towards them
Instead heal the scar of bitterness with love.
Legendries who stood for love
Showed their mercy even upon the one
Who attempted to kill them.
Thus they stood as an exemplary pillars of mercy
Oh mamma! you are a good teacher
You know so much about mercy
Why can’t you show mercy towards daddy?
Isn’t he more important than an enemy?!
Her eyes filled with tears
She kissed her son in his forehead
And said……………….
Cha-cha it’s not me but
You are a good teacher.


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