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Poem: Dancing with the Five Israeli Stars

By: Chuck Orloski

“The people control nothing.” Paul Craig Roberts; “Washington leads the world to war,” (10/05/2016)


Inside a terrible Bergen, N.J., barroom
the Nag Champa incense burned slowly,
German Beck’s beer still somehow flowed
and Pink Floyd’s song Mother 1.
slowed down to a belly-bumping crawl.
I could not control where my left foot goes,
I crumbled into the arms of Mother Courage;
she kicked high heels into busted balls,
my Great North Tower #1 fell limp –
No, no, Mother, I never trust conspiracy nuts.

Mesmerized by closeup looks at my Tower’s fall,
five “Middle Eastern”men rose from corner booth.
They flicked Zippo lighters, videotaped impotence,
they held hands, sang, “We have all been here before,”
and with prior knowledge about how
blue & white Urban Moving Stars control all,
they did circular dances around Mother Courage…
triumphantly departed for secure Tel Aviv homeland!

A copper toned barmaid shouted,
“Oh man, they were like happy, you know.” 2.
Overhead, ceiling fan blades descended upon
my helpless Tower like Santa’s Claws choppers.
I am hijacked east of the Hudson River,
tossed into Xingze Lake’s molten steel scrapyard.
Remote control NORAD pilots are unsure
whether or not Mother Courage is either for
or against the 9-11 killing of 3,000 Americans.
Oh no, hell no, Mother…, you say “it’s an open case?”
Don’t you dare point a gooey finger at me!
Why I did not have sex with Monica-in-the-Cockpit.

1. The song “Mother” from (pro-Palestinian) Roger Waters The Wall soundtrack
2. Quote from Christopher Bollyn; “Solving 9-11, The Deception That Changed The World.”


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