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By: Denise Marques Leitão


My wish, my wish, my wish
is to be wise like water,
supple like water,
strong like water.

My wish is to flow and never stop.
Float to the skies, move with the wind,
then fall and restart.

Sometimes become crystal and shine,
then melt , flow
and restart.

My wish is to flow like water:
soft and steady,
through the easiest paths,
and nonetheless

part mountains,
split rocks,
dig caves.

My wish is this supple strength,
soft and steady strength.
Always in motion like life.
With the power to create life.
Able to reflect the moon or the stars
or make a spectrum of colours
out of sunlight.

My wish, my wish, my wish
Is to be wise like water
Supple like water
Strong like water.
Flow and never stop.


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