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By: Linda M Crate


i’ll never understand
how this happened,
and i don’t
want to believe in a future
without hope;
i keep praying somehow
this is just
a nightmare
that i will wake up and the results
will be different than what
they truly
because this feels wrong—
while some are in
i feel this world is in pieces
because so many of my
friends don’t fit
the status quo,
and i fear for their safety and for my
i don’t want to die when i have so much
to accomplish yet—
nor do i want them to die
because i know there’s so much more for them
to achieve,
and i am angry at all those bragging and gloating
that he won because i just want them to realize they
voted for hate when they could have voted
for love.


#DonaldTrump #USPolls


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