Poem: Realize you’re bleeding

By: Linda M Crate


i wonder how long it
will take them
to realize they voted for a man
who doesn’t support
voting is more than picking
the pro-life candidate
over the pro-choice one,
and what irritates me the most is
most of those people screaming
pro-life are only pro-birth;
they don’t care
what happens to the baby after it’s
and just because she was pro-choice
didn’t mean that she was going to walk into
your hospital room and demand you
have an abortion,
but common sense isn’t common;
they’re all blinded by their rage and hate and their
need to say “f u” to the government that they don’t realize
they’ve shot themselves in the foot—
but maybe when all the grandeur
fades away,
and the truth settles in
they’ll realize they’re bleeding.

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