Poem: November Cold

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick

Winter flames

Memories diminished
Her name he recalled
Stroking his skin
Kissing his forehead
Profound denial
Terminal, incomprehensible

She reminisced
Daddy’s little girl
Her protector
She tumbled
He plucked her up
Tossed her high
Giggling as she towered above

Visualizing his smile, his stern gaze
Snuggling on his lap
Standing with her tiny feet upon his shoes, he taught her to dance
Securely embraced as they swayed back and forth

In the pool, she clutched an inflatable ring
Alongside her, he surfaced grinning
She was safe
Teasingly they splashed

Reliving her wedding day
He walked her down the aisle
Inside she quivered
Each step they took arm in arm
He held onto her as if he would never let go

It was cold that November day
Peacefully he passed away
Weeping inconsolably to her secluded spot she dashed
On the cold sand, she rested
Darkness surrounded her
The ocean roared
Millions of stars twinkled
She believed he was near

Her eyes still damp
Realizing he no longer can protect her
Her prayer simple, peace
Forever Daddy’s little girl

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