Literary Yard

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By: Linda M Crate


don’t tell me
that you don’t love me then
call yourself my brother
because families
aren’t supposed to work that way,
but we both know;
you were never mine to hold nor
were we ever family
just a foolish sparrow who fell in love
with a wolf
the rabbit hanging dead in the fox’s mouth—
but i rose from the chasm of your
a war ready raven
shed that rabbit hearted girl away
rose up in the knowledge of my moon mother’s rage,
and i delighted in the beauty of nature again;
of spring’s flowers, summer’s heart,
autumn’s leaves, and even
winter’s diamonds of
you tried to smash me open and pour me out
until i no longer existed,
but i’m a strong woman;
i rise from the wild flames only to burn brighter
each and every time.


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