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By: Chuck Orloski


Activate him by flip-of-a-switch,
and so many packages move from
conveyor to pallet… and shrink wrapped!
Born in Shenzhen Silicon Valley,
he is ageless, never slothful, he’s come
to save mankind from its unproductive sins.

He requires no breaks, no OSHA laws,
electricity bestowed discipline upon him;
the greatest love of his life is unregulated work.
(“O come let us adore him!”)
Profit & Loss devils programmed him to be above
temptation by fossil food and prayer peddlers.
Either walking, sitting, standing, or charging,
the pay’s the same for the Yellow Robot Messiah.

Chinese girls dressed in white coveralls
look upon him in exasperated uncertainty.
They’re ordered by Hong Kong Wise Men
to obey him; they’re advised to learn new skills
and meanwhile, find something else to do.
Water buffalo are lowing, Green Shoots never sleep,
and no one knows what Lao-tzu knew.

Five thousand electric cars bloom,
American drones in the South China Sea,
and it’s a “bumpy” road to a consumer society. *
The Domitian Trump has Japan’s “back,”
and how the hell did Peoples Republic of China
happen to get a non-Jewish robot messiah?

An observation offered by Gary Cohn, ex-COO of Goldman Sachs and presently appointed to lead the U.S. National Economic Council.


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