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By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


83 degrees, sunny
Beloved spot
Golden rays shine
Beaming upon bronzed skin
Pool enticing

Gnawing in her stomach
Ambiguous uneasiness

Distinct days
No laughter
No smiles
No traditions
Sparkling lights fill the space
Emptiness permeates her

Questioning the decision
Recollecting the reasons
Reminiscing the progression
Opportunities abundant
Home sweet home
Aspirations transformed to reality

Today is different
The gap in her heart amplified
They are there, I am here
Missing them wholly
Tears gently flow

Communication strained
Impending visit abandoned
Dismissed from day to day life
No little ones to bestow enormous hugs
No messy kisses

Heartbreaking spells
Magical moments posted on social media
Her big boy busies himself with TV
No time for she
Memories forgotten

The daughter works, cooks, cleans, takes care of the children
She too overlooks
Too busy to call
Too busy to message
It’s as if she never existed

Little one just a babe
Too young to remember
Gently they rocked, soft lullabies sung to drowsy eyes
Cuddled against the grandmother’s chest he slept

She has not forgotten
Frequent visits
Lengthy conversations
Indulging the children
Embraced as the grandmother
Someone valuable
Somebody exceptional

Unaware of the consequences
What her decision meant
Omitted from their lives
Beyond their love

They are there, she is here
Missing them wholly
Tears gently flow
The bond has been broken


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