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By: Ram Prasath


“A Million?”

“Five. One settlement”

The dark figure that sat inside the Rangerover thought for a moment and pulled out a bag and handed it over to Donovan and Jimmy. Donovan and Jimmy took the bag, pulled its zip and looked into it. Packs of dollar notes worth 5 million!

“No crazy moves gentlemen. I need a clean work. If any of you play foul games, it would only be a matter of another 10 million to hunt you guys down” saying so the figure inside the Scorpio handed over a photo to them.

It was the fifth murder that Donovan has been contracted along with Jimmy and not even once were they caught. Credit should go to their unique skills. Obviously they charged more for each contract.

At the same night, they both hid themselves amidst the thick bushes nearby and entered into the premise of the target, they had to kill. A silencer fitted gun, just a bullet and a right time was all that were needed to put the target down for funeral the next day.

Donovan and Jimmy together moved out the house and rushed to a safe zone where they can relax and free themselves from the eyes of local civilians so as to not get caught.

“What next?” Donovan asked.

“No more assignments for another 3 months. Lets burn the money we got. We’re going to Las Vegas” Jimmy said and to spend money for the Air tickets he opened the bag and carefully retrieved a bunch of hundred dollar notes only to realise that the notes were fake currencies.


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