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By: Ram Prasath


As a sharp knife was on its way penetrating that tall man’s chest and he screamed loudly while his clothes went red, the director shouted “cut” thrice indicating to the crew that the scene was over.

The crew relaxed and was getting ready for the next shot. Dale took the knife and pressed its edge on his palm and he saw that the knife instead of piercing his palm, went silently into the handle itself with the pressure from his other hand by a spring. Reducing pressure, the spring inside the handle was to relieve the knife out of the handle.

“How much does this fetch you?” Dale asked keeping that fake knife on the table inbetween them.

“What? Supporting actor roles in films?” Carter responded.

“What else?”

“Smaller it may be but this is a very genuine job with a proper pay check Dale”

“Contract killing is nothing but the same thing with a real knife but it fetches hell lot of money with which one can live the life of a prince of Abudhabi” saying so he took out a knife from his pocket and placed it on the table next to the fake knife.

“But that is illegal Dale”

“As long as you don’t make it electronically into a bank trasaction, you are free to spend the money the way you want Carter. No tax. No forms. Nothing”

“let me go with what I have Dale”

“Loser!!” he said and grabbed the knife from the table and hid it inside his pant packet.

“I am gonna go on an assignment and I will be paid a huge-some with which I am gonna go to Florida for 3 months vacation Carter” he said and left. Carter stared at Dale until his head vanished.

Dale was on his assignment the next day. He had come to the spot where he had to kill a businessman at his garage. Once he saw the guy at the garage working on his Bentley, he tip toed to him, pulled out his knife from his packet and thrusted with great pressure on his back.

To his surprise, the handle of the knife gave way and the sharp bottom of the knife went smoothly inside the handle piercing nothing. The business man shouted “Guards!! Guards!!” and there appeared several heads in military uniforms with snipers in hand.



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