Poem: Patriot

By: Linda M Crate


the government
isn’t a corporation,
and even if it were
we don’t approve of the way
you’re running it;
mr. president,
there was another time were
facts and science were
shunned and we
called it the dark ages;
i’m not willing to live in the universes
of 1984 or Farienheit 451—
women are not props or objects
of sexual gratification like
men we are people with dreams and
aspirations and courage all our
and religion and government are supposed
to be separated for a reason;
everyone should be comfortable to walk
in their skin being who they are
no matter their religion, race, ability or lack there-of,
sexuality, or any other defining
when you cut down to the bone we’re
more alike than different
because we all just want to be able to live our lives
freely in the pursuit of our dreams;
who are you to tell us
that we cannot?
i shun you, and your cabinet;
may you all rot in the deepest pit of hell for
all your hatred, ignorance, and anger
i will not let my country be lead into ruin
despite it all: we will persist.


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