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By: Ram Prasath


“Sir, we heard that you are suspended from NASA operations due to your stupid attitude issue within the organization?” the reporter of asked.

“Yes. It is true that I have been suspended” Collins said.

“We have also been told that you floated across unreliable informations about America’s first moon landing?” the reporter further asked.

“You must have also heard that I claimed alien-visits to Earth” Collins said.

“Yes sir” the reporter replied firmly.

“So what is your question now?” Collins asked.

The reporter thought for a moment.

“Sir, with due respect, I don’t agree that Earth has been threatened by Aliens ever since we sent man-made objects to moon sir. So you must had been crazy about those of your unreliable informations” he added.

“I hope you agree that Neil Armstrong was the first to land on the moon” Collins asked.

“Yes sir.”

“What do you think that came back from moon?” Collins asked.

The reporter’s eyebrows shrunk.

“Wasn’t it, Neil?” he asked.


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