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By: Ram Prasath


My public exams were upcoming. In a few, crucial weeks I was to give them away.

It was not like I had not given it its due time for preparation. Yet, you know, human body is a huge cluster of assembly of complex tissues, nerves, cells. An yet-to-be-found chemistry binds them all together. I strongly believe, if this binding is wrongly driven, the body that carries this binding turns an evil and when rightly driven turns good.

It is all in how you drive it. But is that all in it? Is driving a very controlled activity? No. It is a response to so many complicated un-identified stimuli. Tomorrow is going to be not so cold in that part of the town in America. I knew this at the start of this week and today is Friday. So I had planned to go an expo tomorrow. This is what the organizers of the expo must have anticipated. What do we see here? People respond to weather conditions and organizers plan according to it? So the planning comes upfront. Can you think of the same in a hot country like India? There is no need of planning because the temperature remains roamable all through the year. Anyone can go at anytime which eliminates the need for planning in most of the cases.

Oh my holy God!! See, I started off with my exams and now I am on geography. Coming back to the point, as I was really worried about my exams and was well aware of the inner-chemistry, I wanted to keep my ‘inside’ in what we predominantly call “focused”. So I went to temple. By the way did I tell you that the public exam is nothing but 12th exam in Chennai? In roman letters, they mention it as XII.

When I went to the temple and stood infront of God Pillaiyar (Lord Shiva’s son and yes the one that has a face like that of an elephant), I found him over qualified. He was mentioned doing BCA, MBBS, X, XII, VI, V and so on. I saw so many such Roman letters all over his walls. I now wondered if it was me who or him, attempting to cool off.

Now I know, why in India, girls in their marriage expectations mention only an year of difference with the groom. Believe me, in India, “I believe in God” is such a complex sentence.


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