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Poem: About the blissful things

By: Sylvia Frances Chan


This morn I looked at the sky and heavens
wondering there are no limits
our life, love, and future
in one blessed package and all, there is to Thee
to have a blissful future, simple and wise.

Oh, dear Lord, please lead us constantly
through all sins, sinister and dark trace
to arrive at your worldly wide famous wonderful place
on one happy and blissful day.

Constantly contacting and giving praise
and thanking Thee with my humming.

Bringing at Thine feet
my constant plea….

Please, dear Lord, look at this and read
in Thy time and at Thine supremacy all our need
to Thee our most grateful compliment
while serving Thee humbly with my lament !!

Thoughts of my beloved and I

At this wonderful place on earth.


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