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By: Sylvia Frances Chan


About beauty often heard
about spiritual beauty…?
that’s absurd

we can see beauty everywhere
discover a person’s smile
watch the flight of the condor
rose’s perfume and its petals
the jasmine’s scent

the rainbow with one color more
the way they talk the freshman and the sophomore
there is always beauty in their movement
the crawling of the turtle’s quickness
the butterfly upon the lawn between the hedges

two rivers with an artistic bent
we can spend many hours
just sitting watching all beauty in nature
be not blind for every format change
it’s pure simple things we nurture
do not sleep, stay awake in rapture

beauty is thus in all things visually
the greatest beauty of these all
we call
spiritual beauty
in our deepest inside-we….


Sylvia Frances Chan, poetess, author, critic, a postgraduate, a lecturer in English Literature. Many of her poems are published in anthologies of North American poetry and in poetry journals. Her latest poem book is published by Xlibris in the UK. She attends many literary meetings around the globe. She is also a fervent paintress with great French impressionists influence. There had been many paintings and drawings exhibitions held in Jakarta, the Netherlands and in the USA. Another poem book will be published next summer.


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