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Sagar Kamath Launches Debut Novel Chronux

Chronux by sagar kamath

Professor of History Philosophy and Political Science, Sagar Kamath, tells the story of Time in his debut book, aptly titled ‘Chronux’. Understanding history through the art of storytelling has always been his passion and his debut book reflects the same. Chronux, even though a work of fiction, is based on extensive research. The book has elements of science fiction, history, mythology and adventure, and targets readers above the age of 18, who enjoy serious reading. Chronux was released by

The biggest U.S.P of this novel is that it centers on an absolutely unique idea of having “Time”, play the role of the protagonist. What if “time” gains sentience and becomes aware of its own existence? The story speaks of how “time” has sought to manipulate others, throughout human history, into replacing itself. Throughout the novel are exotic and graphic descriptions of locations and events across the world that forms part of the narrative. The entire novel is divided into six ‘episodes’, with the entire plot coming together at the end.

Chronux is a 462-page paperback available for purchase on Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play, Kindle and other popular websites.


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