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By: Hyeonjin Yang 


I’m walking barefoot through the rain.
Overflowing, creating a river of seconds
I’m building a dam called memories.
Opening arms like Father Sky, hoping I catch them all
Blazing comets fall to the earth, each emanating
distant recollections of the past.
My legs are adjacent clock hands.
Ticking, waking up and lifting my celestial body
I recall your voice.
Falling like Newton’s apple,
Too fast and too many to hold it in my arms.
Repressing and depressing nightmares
I will be patient,
I will be remembering your voice,
I will be always waiting for you.
Finally, here comes howling happy comets
Reaching out my hand to catch a piece of it.
Memories of us
Shines bright like a emerald
The beautifully pure light shower pours on me
But it ran away like a fish in a loose net.
I opened my eyes, clock still ticking.
Looking for temazepam
Let me see you again
Crying back to sleep.


Hyeonjin Yang is master at baking brownies from the box mixes she bought from Ralphs. She is a mermaid but doesn’t know how to breathe under water. With her small polaroid, she captures everyday happiness.


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