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Poem: Whatever I am, still it’s me

By: Debasis Tripathy

I wonder generally where my heart lies,
Not sure why this feeling never dies.
But when I enquire others about this confusion,
They advise me to stop the inquisition.
My instinct, in its own strange ways,
Struggles to solve the dragon-like riddle.
Also, my unfamiliar brain I fiddle,
Where? How? I ask,
Whether it’s within my reach?
Tongue dries, the strings break.
Will this be ever transparent, or always opaque?
I wonder if something’s wrong with me.
I assure wherever it lies,
Still within me, still it’s me.
I wander into a dizzy maze,
Just as an alternate phase
And to a thought, or God, even to sexuality,
Sometimes to triviality, back to reality.
These fellows appear cold, not warm.
Then all around me they swarm.
I hear the whir of sticky flies,
Sense a hive of bitter honey bees.
From my heart a sapling of courage sprouts,
From my sensitive mind, I clear all the doubts
And muster the familiar happy reassurance
And feel the joy of life in my feet.
I don’t care if something’s wrong with me,
Whatever I am, still it’s me.



  1. Very well said, I thing there is nothing wrong with you or me, it’s the way of our life and society made us like that

  2. Awesome poem, it stirs inside. I have been readin multiple times. Seriously, this phase in life feels so meaningless!! Questions like, why am I here, what am I doin, this is it !! Or should I be doing something else. When I look around, the pain of others rattles a lot. What am I missing to make them go away for others. And that feeling is expressed through such simple lines her.
    …may be thats a blessing that it comes out atleast through yoir words. Bravo. Keep it up.

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