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By: Ian Castorillo


I made a bracelet
a pure white bracelet
with a knot
a knot that stands for eternity

the bracelet is small
small like my wrists
or like my feelings
but they both expand

every morning I struggle
to put it on
every night I struggle
to take it off

in constant struggle I fall
fall deeper into a pit of despair
but there’s another pit
a pit of regret

regret of making the bracelet
or regret of not making it sooner
regret of not saying hi
or saying it but leaving

I made a bracelet
now an old bracelet
with a knot that withstands
so I shall too


Ian Castorillo was determined at the age of four to reach all of the strings of the guitar, now, he talks with chords. Subsequently, he eats gourmet Subway sandwiches with calloused fingers. Sitting in his broken studio chair, writing songs and poems, Ian dreams of one day performing a tiny desk concert.


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