Kamikaze and other poems by Catfish McDaris

By: Catfish McDaris



My body is a bomb
I am a suicide hero
911 911 911 = 666
All wars are hideous
The fish die in the sea
The animals burn in the forest
The birds fall from the sky
Humans stumble through life then die
Even my dreams are hysterical screams
I feel like I’m running out of things to live for.


The Secret to Life is Keep Sucking Air Until You Can’t

I’ve been playing the piano hard
It’s bleeding all over the floor
There are cracks in the ceiling
All the clocks in the galaxy have stopped
Your love is a giant termite
Turning my wooden leg into sawdust
Bring me a hummingbird, pretty mama
We’ll ditch all your granny panties.


The Fizz Is a Fading Bruise

I’m confiscating your
love tonight, we’ll feel
no sorrows for the to-
morrows, they may never
arrive dead or alive and
we’ll saddle our palominos
and disappear into the co-
balt lapis lazuli sunset.


Catfish McDaris won the Thelonius Monk Award in 2015. He’s been active in the small press world for 25 years. He’s recently been translated into Spanish, French, Polish, Swedish, Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin, Yoruba, Tagalog, and Esperanto.

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