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By: G David Schwartz


Refuse deception by being bright in your eyes. Eyes are made for brightening.
Shimmer the satellite with pity denied for anything which is pitied it ought to be sent away in a satiate or even a broken down tractor.
A young and impetuous slander is as ruse as a bad mouthed salamander.
Fat words survive for the unmasking.
Then occurs the tyranny of tears. But then, after, occurs many many years.
Death erases your memory do that you can go searching in for a new identity.
I would tell me grandfather that his cooking of liver tasted good and actually it did. Now that just got me to a life where my wife wonders why I cannot even cook a baked potato.
A watched clock never boils.
She has a cute little nose, not pug but also not misaligned. She walks as if it throws her off balance, or off a balcony, and flies without being guided.
Here I sit and look at the ladies, and my dear wife says that is nice but doing ignore that babies.
If you just type down what you think as you think it some remakes may appear a bit offensive but thought in a larger context the rudeness disappears because you are enlighten by giving and getting a deeper truth.
If we dove deeper in ourselves we would get out faster and better with the giving of fewer insults. As if everything appearance ought be ignored until that which is thought to be ignored is investigated and as it relay is.
The appetite of lovers is massed so that all will know how and why they eat that which they gather more and better than that which there is there.
I saw the ocean in a drop of water
I saw a bubble at the depth of the sea
I saw the rain beat down on a great forrest.

I really feel so much better aft completing a different task.
Aint may not be a word, but so many people use it to express exactly what they mean. And aint it interesting that express and exactly use the ex, typical a negative, to be or become an affirmation.
I can forget what I do as long as it lasts and if it doesn’t last, does it ned to be remembered.
The appetite of life is that you do not know it all.
The beginning is not a begging unless but not until it has an end.
Everything takes time to be accomplished and also to die. But then isn’t death an accomplishment? Maybe not one we desire not even look forward to but as, in a sad since, something necessary. For two examples: I would not wish to life to be three hundred years old. My memory capacity would be too short, (it is, in fact, not in good shape at my youthful age of sixty. (that is one reason I enjoy writing shards)
We all are searching for a culture not yet imagined.
Carried deeper and deeper into himself the only way he can climb out was to the ladder of his penis, then plunge in his concern to satisfy anther who was sunk deep in a different mystery.
Vestibular junctions is what the bomp de bomp in the rama rama ding dong in and out of history
(See what you can learn form writing down your thoughts.)
And it is impossible to say that any of these thoughts are out of order, nor can you say theory are not thoughts. All you may be able to say is that you do not understand them. Then you will have to read again until you do underhand. See Mrs Horton I was listening.
The Jewish people do not have a “Holy ghost,” but holy guests. This is because the Jews see holiness in many places but so not see it as divine.
Life is not a series of problems but just the space in which problems grow. If my (metaphysical) ego was working I would wonder what it was doing so quietly.
Tossed between a gratuitous rigidity and the iron law of spontaneity. Sexual asparagus descending like a drunken fire.
This is as quick as the Master of the Universe in a hastened theory. But do not think about the vermillion soothsayers.
A dog lay in the middle of the run, grammatically chasing a rabbit, in dream. The nearest the dog has ever been to the wilds was on the other side of the swing set, near the fence, where she had once seen a garden snake.
Some times I think that the notes I tear and recycle may have a definite deep sight. The author is not the best judge of the authors work, therefor it is surely wise to type all the notes, and hope for the best, I mean let society deicide.

When thoughts spring out of your head, or anywhere they spring, they must go somewhere.


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