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By: Sandeep Kumar Mishra


Icy winds filled with chimney smoke
Signaled the burning of Christmas block,
When colorful lights all around gleam
The holy monks sing the merry theme,
Sacred lilies, decorative ivory, fill homes
Town to town our joyful echo roams,
Perch like a bird around the tree to sing
Listen to chorus, sweet jingle bells bring,
Meet the beloved ones you missed daily
Hug the foes; don’t let slip away easily,
Rich and poor at the same table
Do the labor but make it a fable,
Let care go some hidden place
Let love take its due space,
Drink and drown all the worry
No one seems alone or in hurry,
Once you have the Christ sign in thy heart
Feeling His grace makes you Gilbert,
The God loves all in their true form
Shun the bad habits in His charm,
Time to wish all a prosperous morrow
It’s Merry Christmas when you buy their sorrow



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