Poem: Fallen Deep

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


Jump up, fall down
Hold on, hang on, losing grip
Caught in spiraling vortex
No way out, no hand to reach
They vanished, world departed
Unknown reason, why the chosen one
Unidentifiable horrendous act or a soul that is too dark
Tormented by day, tormented by night
Head pounding, heat unbearable, sweat drips
Mind cloudy, vision blurry
Words uttered, no one to hear
Fall to knees praying to a god in which there is no belief
Trapped, even their god hears not pleas, please help
Spinning, realizing the end is near
Lying curled up like a helpless babe
Hands on head futilely attempting to block unbearable noise, impending combustion
Thrust to the edge, spirit no longer lit
Drifting off into restless sleep, realization no awakening will occur
Fallen, fallen deep, only remaining desire is peace.


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