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By: Zunayet Ahammed


You are a symbol of beauty
You are more than the stars of the sky
more than the clouds, the fragrance of roses
the blue of the sea
or the sparkling beauty of the dancing brook
You are always one in ten in my eyes
I visualize.

You give my life novelty with frivolity
full of light and all smiles of the angels
So today I don’t have any fear
or frustration of you
Now I feel free, never fancy you fade away
As pearls on grass
Or turn your face from my firmament
Today we are merged into a big city
And have already built a little room afar
with our desires and pleasures
We chirp we dance we whisper
as our own sugary way there.

I’m not alone here at all
Whiteness and beauty surround me
with milk of paradise
Birds of darkness and a mood of melancholy
leave me forever (I believe)
Nowadays I only smell tube roses
increasingly in my life.

You pour me immensely
all the wings of beauty
with green tenderness and sweetness
So I mustn’t go anywhere
for missing you, dear
I know the beginning
not the end of this journey
I only know you believe you trust you
And have kept the address
Of you, Minerva, my love.
I don’t want to die
but if you tell me to pass away
Hundred times I’ll sing of death
Radiantly for you
Holding your hands
For my first and last love.

Zunayet Ahammed is Assistant Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh.


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