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By: Gabriella Mejico

Photo by Thong Vo on Unsplash

As the mercury drops,
and twilight passes into night.
I greet Cetus and Orion as they travel
through the Milky Way.
A freezing caress lures me deeper into the night.
Time is forgotten,
and all that remains are the stars.
Winds become unforgiving
as they push the clouds to hide the stars.
Silence fills the atmosphere.
The air thinner than what is normal
as snow begins to fall.
Each flake a frozen kiss that disappears
the second it reveals itself.
Time appearing once more.
The clouds change their colors,
and twilight greets me once more.
The Sun slowly rising up past the horizon.
It’s warmth slowly melting the snow,
and it’s light erasing the stars.
No residue of the night is left,
and the night was forgotten.


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